Photo poses for video thumbnails and other social media uses

Beyond the headshot

Cordelia Blake

9/3/20223 min read

Headshots are a good place to start for photos but for a wide variety of video graphics for YouTube and other social media, there seem to be a wide variety of poses that are used. I have narrowed them down to some standards. Once you have these, they can be edited into a variety of images. A professional photographer can do these for you or you can simply use the camera on your phone or computer and pose.

Here are essential poses and the successful YouTube creators that I used for inspiration:

I Have A Secret

Shhhh…..just watch this video and don’t tell anyone nudge nudge…

I'm Thinking

It's a pretty big deal..these thoughts I'm thinking.

Open Mouthed And Happy

I'm so happy, I'm gaping

Pointing At Something

It's friggin' amazing, and it's over there.

Cross Armed, Open, Yet Closed Yet Professional Yet Friendly (All In One)

I'm here. Just making money and helping others.

Looking Up And To The Side

There is something cool...over there!

Sitting At A Table Or Desk

This is a solid professional pose.

Pointing At A Phone

The phone can be a great focal point.

So here is a short list of poses for you to try to take and use for different purposes.

  1. Open mouthed smile

  2. Close Mouthed smile

  3. Standing with arms crossedSitting with arms crossed at table

  4. Looking thoughtful with hands on chin

  5. Looking up to sidePointing up

  6. Pointing to different sides

  7. Sitting demurely in chair with hands crossed

  8. Holding up phone

Although I presented this in a tongue in cheek way, these poses will be invaluable to to you and your marketing team. You may feel silly posing but they will really help boost your graphics and add interesting and compelling visual components to your content.