How Do Professional Services Professionals Make Money With Content Strategy

Increase The Reach Of Your Unique Voice

Cordelia Blake

10/24/20222 min read

Anyone who sells to clients will increase revenue by developing and sharing effective content. Content creation and marketing can be a key revenue generator for professional service providers.

Content is an umbrella term used to describe video for YouTube and other online properties; articles for blogs, newsletters or publications, LinkedIn and other social media posts, and more. Digital marketing is the term used to distribute this content online.

It is often tempting for busy professional service providers (consultants, lawyers, and accountants) to want to outsource content creation to a marketing team, but this robs potential clients of their unique voice and ability to communicate, skills that they have developed for years during in person sales.

Content creation strategy is a way to reach beyond a geographical area or contact circle and to reach potential clients who are searching online for providers and vendors.

Professionals and businesses, such as lawyers, law firms, consultants, accountants and accounting firms, can use content marketing strategy for small business to sell services online with content strategy with these 7 tips:

  1. Establish expertise - telling people in a bio or profile that you have expertise is not as effective as showing them over time. By rigorously providing expert content that is readily available professional service providers establish themselves as an expert before they’ve even met the potential client.

  2. Filter out time wasters - By creating targeted content for your ideal client, people who do not qualify are automatically not going to waste your time with sales calls.

  3. Generate referrals - great content will keep you on the radar for colleagues and strangers who will send you clients

  4. Get business directly - this seems obvious but many people do not realize that clients make hiring decisions based solely on content. They call only after they’ve chosen the right person and then your only job is to not mess it up.

  5. Improve communication of your value proposition and differentiators - the process of good content creation for professional service providers is enhanced by client and marketplace communication. There is no algorithm that replaces extensive experience. Communicating better in any one area will lead to better communication in all areas.

  6. Increase effectiveness of marketing strategy - by honing content that can be repurposed, you empower your marketing team to amplify relevant messages to potential clients

  7. Future proof your own sales pipeline - by increasing the reach of your messaging, you and your business are more resilient to structural or strategy changes

Many professional service providers avoid creating content because they do not know how to hone their messaging and maximize their time spent. This is a skill that can be learned like any other sales skill and is well worth the time invested.