How Do I Start A Video?

Spoiler Alert: The answer has NOTHING to do with technology

Cordelia Blake

9/9/20222 min read

Often, as soon as I share that I can help service providers learn “how to do video”, people start naming software or devices. But, remember, tech is there to support your creativity and ideas. So in order for that to be supported, you need to develop ideas first.

Video, or really any content, starts with ideas. If you are making videos for your business, then you want to combine creativity and strategy.

So, how do you start a video? With a piece of paper. Either digital or actual, depending on what you prefer.

Think about your favorite clients. The ones that you wish, well, you wish there were just MORE of them. Think about the conversations that you’ve had with them. Either they asked you questions or you discussed ideas that can be converted into a questions.

For example…

  • How do I sell my company?

  • What do I need to know before I buy this company?

  • Is there a way that I can make an NDA that’s enforceable?

  • What’s the best way to protect myself legally from employee theft of my ideas?

  • What’s the best strategy to retire from my own company in 5 years?

So often people look online for these questions but the first place to look is at your own client list. Start a list of questions and use language that is closest to what they actually ask, don’t “pretty” it up.

For example, “I am burned out and I can’t figure out how to retire without my company going under.” is much more authentic than, “How do I plan corporate succession for my mid sized business?”

They both could mean the same thing but using authentic or realistic language is both person and search engine friendly. The first one is a compelling idea for a video or other content, the second is a snoozefest.

Chances are good, that if one client hunted you down and asked you a question and then hired you, that others have the same question.

Once you have a list of client questions, in the plainest and most authentic language possible, you are then ready to consider which technology will help you scale your communication and increase your reach in your next steps.

I will go deeper on the next step but remember that content comes in many forms so start with what you are MOST comfortable with. If you like to write, then write, if you like video, then shoot. You will eventually do something out of your comfort zone but you can really develop the topic and your own perspective in the format that you are most comfortable with.